Bonide 7458 Concentrate Grass Killer, 8-Ounce

Bonide 7458 Concentrate Grass Killer, 8-Ounce

Product Description

8 oz., Concentrate, Grass Beater, with Poast Plus. Selective systematic weed killer that kills weedy grasses, without harming desirable plants. Just add to water, no additional ingredients are needed. Great for vegetable gardens, ground covers, flower beds, shrubs, and trees. A great product that will provide effective results.

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Five Stars, September 11, 2014

Three Stars, September 7, 2014
only used it once,did ok.

Didn't seem to kill the grass., August 30, 2014
Used this twice on a part of front yard to kill grasses that were encroaching on a ground cover. It did not seem to do a whole lot. Waited two weeks for evidence of kill, and then applied it once again, and waited another two weeks. Maybe a bit of brown tips to the grass, but I ended up having to pull the grass out by hand. I don't know whether this was operator error or poor product. I followed the directions to the letter, so I don't believe the fault was mine. Disappointed, because there was a lot of grass I had to pull by hand! Sigh.......................

but completely killed annoying grass in ground creeping junipers, July 25, 2014
Works. Takes 1-2 weeks, but completely killed annoying grass in ground creeping junipers, while preserving ornamental plantings, etc. I wish it worked faster, but then I think it would likely injure surrounding plants that we want to keep. Great product! (I did combine with a surfactant product to ensure adhesion to each grasss shoot and leaves, etc. Don;t know if that was necessary, but it was recommended in some of the reviews and on thge product labeling which Amazon provides. Nice!)

Good stuff, July 24, 2014
Have used this for a couple of years. It takes a while to work, but does the job. Make sure you spray on the grass before it gets to big and tough.

Three Stars, July 14, 2014
Didn't do the job I expected so will go back to Roundup

Works. Kind of., July 3, 2014
Not very powerful. It does eventually kill certain grasses but it took 4 weeks and 2 applications. I mixed as directed and used the surfactant. If you have a lot of invasive grass you might be better off removing it manually and using this for strays and touchups.

Bonide, February 10, 2014
It has a chemical smell that lingers but works great on tall grasses that grow in flower beds. use it before they get to tall.

Pretty good but..., December 10, 2013
I mixed this stuff exactly. It killed a decent amount of grass in my liriope but almost took as much liriope with it as grass.

Works Well, October 3, 2013
This works well, but it must be mixed with an agent to have it stick to the grass and be most effective. I tried a spray bottle from the dollar store first, but then I found a gallon spray jug at Menards. That's the way to go. This product works great, but it doesn't work overnight. It takes about 2 weeks for the grass to be killed off. The print on the directions is small, and it takes forever to find what the mix rate is. (I read the reviews here to see what others did.) It can be used in a vegetable garden, but you need to check the instructions for duration required between application and harvest. Most are 2-4 weeks depending on what you have planted.