Bonide 7458 Concentrate Grass Killer, 8-Ounce

Bonide 7458 Concentrate Grass Killer, 8-Ounce

Product Description

8 oz., Concentrate, Grass Beater, with Poast Plus. Selective systematic weed killer that kills weedy grasses, without harming desirable plants. Just add to water, no additional ingredients are needed. Great for vegetable gardens, ground covers, flower beds, shrubs, and trees. A great product that will provide effective results.

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Three Stars, July 14, 2014
Didn't do the job I expected so will go back to Roundup

Works. Kind of., July 3, 2014
Not very powerful. It does eventually kill certain grasses but it took 4 weeks and 2 applications. I mixed as directed and used the surfactant. If you have a lot of invasive grass you might be better off removing it manually and using this for strays and touchups.

Bonide, February 10, 2014
It has a chemical smell that lingers but works great on tall grasses that grow in flower beds. use it before they get to tall.

Pretty good but..., December 10, 2013
I mixed this stuff exactly. It killed a decent amount of grass in my liriope but almost took as much liriope with it as grass.

Works Well, October 3, 2013
This works well, but it must be mixed with an agent to have it stick to the grass and be most effective. I tried a spray bottle from the dollar store first, but then I found a gallon spray jug at Menards. That's the way to go. This product works great, but it doesn't work overnight. It takes about 2 weeks for the grass to be killed off. The print on the directions is small, and it takes forever to find what the mix rate is. (I read the reviews here to see what others did.) It can be used in a vegetable garden, but you need to check the instructions for duration required between application and harvest. Most are 2-4 weeks depending on what you have planted.

great, August 30, 2013
I bought this to spray on my monkey grass to keep those weeds from growing up in the grass. It worked! I'm very pleased. i have had to spray several times this summer already, but is so worth it. Before my monkey grass got weeds so bad I had to weed eat the grass down and that doesn't look natural and it was a mess.

Food Plot Fixer, August 23, 2013
I had planted a food plot with clover and crabgrass was trying to take over. 1 spray and a little patience (about 2 weeks) and crabgrass is dead or dying. Saved a lot of time spot treating.

Worked well, August 21, 2013
One application with sticker killed the crab grass in my irises. The instructions on the web said no sticker required but on the bottle it says to use sticker. It worked just as well as the better know brand name product that was also more expensive.

Good product - terrible directions, August 9, 2013
I bought this to kill a grass infestation in my carrot patch. I knew I would have to wait 30 days to harvest after spraying. But it took me forever to figure out some idea of what concentration to mix the spray in the extensive instructions. The directions are clearly designed for big ag, and are in terms of amount applied per acre. I needed to cover a 3 foot by 40 foot space. I finally figured out a concentration mix for a gallon sprayer, and then just lightly sprayed once, using the balance on other grassy areas. It's been three weeks, and the grass is dead. Hooray for that.

It kills the grass, July 21, 2013
It kills grass, even the wire grass growing in my ground covers and doesn't harm the Pacific Junipers or Cotoneaster