Plastic Pots for Plants, Cuttings & Seedlings, 4-Inch, 30-Pack

Five Stars, November 26, 2014
perfect for my needs

Drainage holes a bit large otherwise great for what they are., November 22, 2014
These are fine - the 4 rating is because they drain dirt as well as water with the holes on the bottom as big as they are. They are fine for the cactus ears I put in them. I haven't had any luck with growing anything else but I'll let you know if I do lol.

Price is great and quality is superb...but I did have one problem., November 19, 2014
These are super high-quality. They are much thicker plastic than then several of the square ones I've ordered and are finished off better. You can reuse these forever and they are nice enough looking that I've used them in my house for small flowers or plants on the windowsill. (They don't have rough or ugly unfinished edges.)

My problem is that I bought these for one reason and that was to replant seedlings that were grown in seed pellets. I then put these into a standard seed tray so that I could water and move them into and out of the sun more easily en masse. The problem with these is that they move around a lot in the seed tray compared with the square 4" plastic pots, which fit tightly. In fact, whenever I put a group of these into a box of any kind they move around because they are round.

That being said, if you are going to use them for anything else, where you don't care how tightly you can pack groups of them, these are awesome.

Cheap and convenient pots for my seedlings, November 16, 2014
Just what I wanted for my seedlings. The convenience of home delivery and I think a very good price (23.3ยข ea at $6.99/30 on Oct 14, 2014). If all those drainage holes are too much for you, just line the bottom with some old newspaper to keep the dirt from running out.

exactly what I needed to plant my seedlings in., November 12, 2014
exactly what I needed to plant my seedlings in.

Three Stars, November 12, 2014

Great value. Larger in size than anticipated, November 10, 2014
Great value. Larger in size than anticipated.

The recipient appears to be quite happy with her gift, November 3, 2014
I purchased this to give as a gift along with a 4 tier greenhouse. The recipient appears to be quite happy with her gift.

I got my pots, but they will have to ..., October 30, 2014
I got my pots, but they will have to sit in storage because the seeds that were sent for for their use, did not arrive

Five Stars, October 29, 2014
great starter pots