Plastic Pots for Plants, Cuttings & Seedlings, 4-Inch, 30-Pack

As every good gardener knows, August 21, 2014
These pots are exactly as advertised. They are 4" wide by 3" tall. The plastic is flexible but not flimsy. I have quite a bit of experience in starting my vegetables and flowers inside (living in the Northeast we have long winters and short summers so we need to give our plants a head start). As every good gardener knows, you have to know your plants. These pots are great for when your shallow-rooted plants come out of their flats (peppers, flowers, etc.). They are a bit shallow for deeper-rooted plants like tomatoes. I would suggest if you are looking for pots for tomatoes, you get pots that are at least 4" tall (I have 5" pots that I've had for years). The caveat is that bigger pots take up more room under the grow lights until the sun comes back in the spring. Think about the dimensions of the pot and what you want to grow. This is a good product for the right application

PERFECT, August 20, 2014

Starter pots!, August 19, 2014
These are great starter pots. Dont expect to grow large plants and flowers with these because they are pretty small. You have to transplant. I am currently using each pot for different varieties of plants and each pot is holding at least 3 seedlings. The quality of the pots is great, which means I can use them several times. Definitely recommend!!!

Great Price for Starting Plants, August 19, 2014
Best price I've seen. Husband uses them to as garden starters.

Five Stars, August 17, 2014
Another great product we use at our Nursery

Five Stars, August 16, 2014
Great pots. Love them.

they are not very strong, August 15, 2014
the pots looked much stronger than they really were. 3 out of 30 arrived damaged. Amazon was great in giving me credit for them though. For the price, they are perfect for seedling, or as "temporary" home for a plant until it is strong enough to be transplanted in a more permanent place.

Nice number of holes in the bottom of these to ..., August 10, 2014
Exactly as described. Nice number of holes in the bottom of these to allow for drainage. They are as sturdy as you would expect them to be in a good way. Would buy again if I need more.

BEST, August 10, 2014
best pot i bought it come with good feeling sleek but GOOD!!!!!!!

Love these pots, August 10, 2014
Love these pots! Durable and reusable with a great price! Drain holes at the bottom of these pots are great for seeds and new sprouts!!